Your Estate. Your Wishes. Your Plan.

Your Estate. Your Wishes. Your Plan.

If you don't have an estate plan, Texas has a plan for you, but you probably won't like it.

Most people are surprised to learn that they already have an estate plan. That’s because Texas law already has an estate plan for anyone who fails to plan on their own. Unfortunately, those laws may require a different result than what you want to have happen to your estate and family.

The state plan could result in temporary or permanent foster care for your children, courtroom battles over who should raise your children, completely excluding friends and charities and some family members. The state plan arbitrarily decides which of your relatives will get your property and when. You wouldn't voluntarily choose the State of Texas plan for your loved ones.

Given the choice wouldn't you prefer these matters be handled privately by your family, not by the courts? Wouldn't you prefer to keep control of who receives what and when? And, if you have young children, wouldn't you prefer to have a say in who will raise them if you can't?

Let us help you create a plan that puts you in control, and protects your assets and loved ones exactly the way you want!

Estate planning doesn't have to be expensive.

If you don’t think you can afford or want a complex estate plan now, start with the essential protection you and your loved ones need. For a young family or single adult, that may mean a will, and powers of attorney for your assets and health care decisions. Then, let your planning develop and expand as your circumstances and laws change. An experienced attorney, with knowledge of current Texas and Federal laws, rather than DIY generic forms, will best address with your concerns and deliver the peace of mind that you deserve.

Planning will help you organize your records, titles and beneficiary designations.

Would your family know where to find your financial records, titles, and insurance policies if something happened to you?

Our estate planning clients:

  • Receive our estate organizer we created so you can smoothly assemble the information your loved ones will need if something happens to you. If you have ever been invoved in handling someone else's estate, you know how beneficial and welcome this organization will be.
  • Receive a review of all beneficiary designations and titles affecting your estate property and accounts. Beneficiary designations can be out-of-date, invalid or not consistent with your plan. Naming the wrong beneficiary on your tax-deferred plan can lead to devastating tax consequences. It is much better for you to take the time to do this correctly now than for your family to pay an attorney to try to fix things later.
Not all law firms offer these services.

We work with your Trusted Advisers.

With your permission, we work directly with your accountant, financial planner, life insurance agent and other professional advisers to ensure that the components of your estate plan are consistent with the strategies and goals you have in place with them.

We have authored a booklet that has a lot of information that could be very useful to you. It is titled Make Sure Your Property Goes to the Right People - Critical Information about Estate Planning in Texas. Get your copy here.

Providing comprehensive estate planning services in Plano, Frisco, Collin County, Denton County and the Dallas area is an important focus for this law firm. Call 214-387-6040 now to schedule a complimentary no obligation consultation