Your Success is Our Business

Using the Right Attorney is Good Business

Are you wearing a lot of hats as a business owner? Is attorney one of them? Should it be? Imagine having an experienced attorney on call when you need him so you are free to do what you do best - manage and grow your business.

Instead of telling you "no" about everything, we will help you figure out how to do it.
You want to anticipate, evaluate and minimize legal risks. That is an important part of your company's continuing success.

You can now partner with a law firm equally committed to your success. We have acheived the reults a smart business owner needs on a wide range of issues. We are dedicated to serving you and your business.
We also maintain a network of trusted colleagues and advisors you can leverage for your benefit in appropriate circumstances.

The Right Attorney Relationship That Makes Sense

As your independent counsel we will work with you as needed. We also offer continuing business protection plans customized for you. Your business protection plan can include multiple or unlimited consultations, attorney letters, contract creation, templates and reviews, real estate agreements, dispute resolutions and other business transactions. You can decide what to include and we will work with you for a fixed fee, paid periodically, that will fit within your budget. You only commit for a term you feel is comfortable and your plan can be adjusted to meet your needs as your business changes and grows.

How Can We Help You?

Here is a sample of our services:

  • Business Formation (Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, etc.)
  • Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Non Compete, Non Disclosure, Limited Equity Participation
  • Management Agreements, Co-Owner Agreements
  • SupplierAgreements, Client Agreements, Sale and Service Agreements
  • Commercial Leases, Real Estate Purchase or Sale
  • Asset or Entity Sales and Aquisitions, Growth Planning
  • Succession Planning, Transfer of Business Control or Other Exit Strategies

Are We a Good Fit for Each Other?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary meeting. Ask all the questions you have. That is the purpose of the meeting. Call 214-387-6040 now or send an email from the Contact Page.